Tools for Business






Wouldn't it be great to have a customizable app to:
  • Boost Local Businesses today
  • Make it EASY for Everyone in the Community to Connect
  • When Disaster Strikes: Begin Recovery on Day 1


Protect Local Businesses & Local Jobs





Incorporates support & resiliency recommendations from:

National League of Cities Big Ideas for Small Businesses

FEMA Whole Community Disaster Preparation/Recovery

IEDC (Intl Economic Development Council) & ACCE Chamber of Commerce Executives


ONE app benefits the whole community in good times and in bad


Selected screen shots of the app


  • Business and Employees...
  • Groups...(Chambers of Commerce, HOAs, Tenants, Neighborhood Watch)
  • Local Government...
  • Families...'s EASY...and self-supporting

Implementation if you are a Chamber Host

Implementation if you are a City Host


Carolyn Usinger
866.429.1527 (West Coast)