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Promotion & Special Programs

Thank you for investing in the businesses in your community. We have promotional tools and special programs that can increase the effectiveness of the Tools. The great news is that they take very little time to implement.
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Promotion materials Special programs

Link from your website to your Tools and Tools logos

Make sure your Tools logo is in a visible position on your website. Add your Tools logo to your social media sites. Get a high resolution logo if you want to print it. You can also request that we create a customized logo.

time to implement: - 5 minutes

Choose special topics

Agriculture, manufacturing, retail, oil and gas, health care, food industry, tourism, forestry, fishing, and more.

You can quickly select or deselect the special topics that you want on your Tools.

time to implement:- 1 minute

Articles and videos to send your local businesses

Article or video?

Customized Handouts - Promote Tools

Print it out and copy it - or attach it to emails or newsletters

Get screenshots of your Tools here

We have taken screenshots of the front page and major topics in your Tools website.
Get a QR code to your Tools here

Smart phones read QR codes and send the user to the web address in the code.
  Example only - use the link on the left to get your code
Presentation script

Giving a presentation? Here is a presentation you can customize.

time to implement: - an hour to grab the screenshots (see above) and customize text

Grab & Go!

We have images and short paragraphs about resources in your Tools.

Copy and paste these in your communications with your local businesses.

Introduce the Tools to your business community

We help you introduce the Tools by providing sample emails to go with the video, flyer and press release shown in the three boxes below. Sample emails include:

  • Email with video link to send with request that they forward it to 3 local businesses

  • Sample email with video link to send to chamber members

  • Sample email with Flyer to your city manager requesting that they provide as part of the business license process

  • Sample email with Press release to local newspaper

time to implement:- about an hour to review items and send emails

Start-Up Tools 15-day Welcome series for new businesses

Welcome your new businesses with this 15-day email series, introducing people to key resources on the Tools, your local business partners, and local training.

You can use this program to work more closely with your business partners (other agencies) by involving them in promotion and in reviewing/adding information about their services.

Option to promote your local businesses: You can allow your local businesses list their services, promoting "Buy-Local" for business start-ups.

time to implement: 20 minutes to review program. 20 minutes to send emails invitations to business partners and invite them to a 30 minute conference or in-person meeting.

3-minute video explaining the Tools

Use a link to this video clip in your emails or in meetings. You can also send this link to other business agencies to explain the Tools or can be used with businesses. It can also be emailed to chamber members.

time to implement:: - 3 minutes to watch the clip

Help from the Tools
Videos highlighting resources in the Tools

Program for clients with regular newsletters: We will provide two video trainings per month showing existing businesses some of the tools that can help their businesses. You can include an image and video link in your newsletters, an email blast, or you can let your business partners send it out to their clients.

time to implement:- 5 minutes to add links and text to your newsletter

Press release for your local newspaper and online (sample for Medina County)

Send a press release about the Tools to your local newspaper. You may request a special topic. Please allow 10 days.

time to implement:- 10 minutes to review and email


Invite others to link to your Tools

Invite others to link to your Tools site. Here is the code that they need to provide their webperson. We also created a sample email to send with the code.

time to implement:- takes 1 minute

Add your social networking links to the Tools

We will add your social networking links to the front page of the Tools.

time to implement:- 2 minutes

Create artwork for Tools business cards -

Use business cards to pass out to businesses at city or chamber events, to business license applicants, at SBDC classes and SCORE/SBDC counseling sessions. We will provide the art - but you must email this to a local printer to get it printed.

time to implement: 15 minutes to 1 hour (most time is finding a printer and sending the art to the printer). Also requires about $50 for printing.

Add items to News to Know

If there are events coming up, you can quickly add the event to your Tools.

time to implement:- 2 minutes

Create banner for reception area

Do you want to borrow a banner for a special event? Email us 2 weeks in advance.

time to implement: - about an hour - to tell us what you want on the banner, review the art, submit the art for printing.

Set up sponsors

We will post your sponsors anywhere you want on the Tools at no cost to you. All you need to do is find the sponsors, send us their logo and their link address.

time to implement:- several hours/days to find sponsors

Looking for Local Help? (Sample from Marana)
Using chamber directory, list chamber members under each topic in the Tools

Program for chambers of commerce: We can use most chamber of commerce directories to select certain business categories and list them under appropriate topics in the Tools.

time to implement:- none; assuming your directory allows us to provide this service