Uploads and Shortcuts

SHORTCUTS (i.e. short url addresses):

You can create shortcut URLs to send people to a specific resource. For example, if there is a resource in the Growing your Business, under Global, you can create a shortcut http://clovis.toolsforbusiness.info/go/TradeInfo/ - and it will go directly to that page. You must have a slash (/) at the end for it to work. You can also choose to highlight it on your landing page.

Link address
Shortcut name
This will follow your basic Tools address/go/: i.e.: http://clovis.toolsforbusiness.info/go/____/
Add link on landing page? If yes, enter a title
You can obtain a passcode by emailing Carolyn.

UPLOADS: You can upload documents (pdf, images, .doc).

When you upload a document, it will appear on your landing page with a pulsating button. You may set an expiration date, or use 1-1-2050 to never expire.
Browse to upload
Name of item
Expiration date
put January 1,2050 for "never"
You can obtain a passcode by emailing Carolyn

View/Delete Uploads and Shortcuts

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Note: You will need a passcode to delete anything. If you do not have one, please contact Carolyn.