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The Tools is a continually updated website of extensive information for starting and growing your businesses.
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Businesses & Entrepreneurs
come to YOUR website for:
  • Local, Regional, State, and Federal Loan
    and Business Programs ...all in one place
  • Business Planning and Assistance
  • How to Go Green
  • Disaster Planning and Recovery
  • Marketing and Selling Resources
  • Industry-specific resources for:
  • Agriculture
  • Manufacturing
  • Tourism/Hospitality
  • Art in Business
  • Fishing and Wood
  • Health Care Industry
  • Food Processing
  • Logisitics
  • Retail
  • Data Centers
  • Veterans
  • Biotechnology
  • Oil, Gas, and Mining
  • Green Technology
Our City, County, Library, and SBDC clients choose
The Tools because:
  • "The Tools strengthens our businesses,
    who in turn provide jobs.
    This process helps generate revenue for our public services."
  • "We consider The Tools an investment
    that has direct payback to our
    community and to our agency."
  • "The Tools highlights our
    government's ability to help businesses,
    overcoming the perception
    that we are only a barrier to progress."

The Bottom Line

Businesses get a full toolkit.

Your agency gets all the credit.

We do all the work.

Your Tools website will have FREE:

Business Formation Toolkits for:

Partnerships, corporations, sole proprietorships, or LLCs

Over 600 links to business information

Including 70-80 links to local resources

One click turns your Tools site to Spanish

Help your businesses - without spending a lot of money.

A one-time only set-up fee of $300, and an $1,920 annual fee; payable quarterly, annually, or even share with a partner.

Links to local sponsors give you new revenue.